• You guys are amazing! Thank you for all of your help. This is the best choice I have ever made. –Mr. Delgado, Actual Customer

Start Your Credit Repair Today

Welcome to U.S Credit Defense.com LCC, a Miami Credit Repair group. We congratulate you on taking this important step to improve your credit profile. U.S Credit Defense.com LLC assists its clients in deleting and/or repairing derogatory items on their credit report that are not accurate, verifiable and/or timely. Using our time tested system; our clients have successfully saved thousands of dollars through the refinancing of their homes, auto loans, credit card and other consumer and business debt. As a credit repair group in Miami, we’ve been able to help hundreds of people restore their credit scores. See how we can help you today!


Step 1: Send Us Your Credit Reports

Our sales department will contact you to discuss your credit situation and repair needs…
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Step 2: Select Items to Dispute

Once your credit reports are received, our staff enters all the negative information into our databases…
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Step 3: Unleash The “Credit Hounds”

We begin the dispute process using our large number of credit report repair strategies…
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Step 4: Put Your Feet Up and Relax

The credit reporting agencies, by law, have 30 days to investigate your dispute…
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